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Pools & Spas

Lowery Custom Construction’s pools are more than just places to get wet; they are features in their own right, beautiful extensions of your style and that of your house. Don’t you deserve a custom pool that exactly fits your needs, budget, and personality? From a small, single-lap pool to a large, dedicated poolscape, we can make it happen.

Lowery’s designers will work with you to plan the perfect pool for your lifestyle. Do you have young children? Beach entries make playing in the water a breeze, and sunshades keep babies’ delicate skin from burning. Do you plan to entertain a lot? Diving rocks, sun ledges, and rock waterslides keep the party going. Are you looking to create a tranquil oasis within your own property? We can craft a secluded spa where you can get away from it all for some special moments of peace.

Lowery partners with the best pool professionals in the region to build our pools. Made from shot concrete and filled with salt water, Lowery pools require limited maintenance to keep clean and safe. We offer the newest technology in pool systems, making them almost maintenance-free.

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