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Outdoor Kitchens

When you’re gathering with your family or when you have people over, where do you congregate? Not the living room or the family room, but the kitchen. It’s often the nerve center of the home, the place where all the action happens. After all, that is where food is prepared, so that’s where people want to be!

But what if you want to move the action outside? Lowery Custom Construction can build the perfect outdoor complement to your inside kitchen. From the simple – just a built-in grill – to the magnificent, Lowery can create just the right setting for your lifestyle. For the complete outdoor kitchen, Lowery offers elaborate combination grills, wine chillers, sinks, cabinets, built-in heaters, warming drawers, refrigerators: everything you need to extend your home into your outdoor surroundings.

At Lowery Custom Construction, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and our creativity. Using the space you have, we can make you feel like you’re going out to a high-end restaurant without ever leaving your house. As with all our work, we use natural materials like granite and wood to make your outdoor kitchen harmonize with its environment. 

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