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Renovations and Additions

Lowery Custom Construction is in the business of making dreams come true. That’s why, when it comes to renovations and additions, our motto is “nothing is impossible.” Lowery sees problems as opportunities. Is a load-bearing wall keeping you from turning your kitchen and living room into a great room? No problem: we can insert support beams in the existing walls to create the family space of your dreams. Is the plumbing in your house on the opposite side from where you want to build a new bathroom? No problem: we can update the plumbing to give you the master bath you’ve always wanted. Lowery has the vision and the know-how to overcome almost any problem to create the perfect living space.

When we undertake renovations and additions, we strive to keep the character of the home while providing the updates that make the space modern and comfortable. Our creativity enables us to provide options where others see none. Whether your plans are architecturally-driven or budget-driven, our insight and innovative thinking can make them a reality.

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