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Log & Timber Frame Homes

Whether you’re looking for a traditional rustic log cabin or an airier timber frame home, Lowery can custom-build the house of your dreams. We will help you figure out the style that fits both your lifestyle and the land it will inhabit.

Lowery’s custom log homes can be the ideal complement to North Carolina and Virginia’s rugged rural beauty. Using only the finest materials – like spruce, cedar, pine, heart pine, and oak logs – Lowery will work with you to design the perfect home to match your style, taste, and budget. A log home does not need to be just a simple square box! From traditional dovetail to full-round to Swedish Cope, Lowery log homes showcase the beauty of natural wood in designs that are limited only to your imagination. Lowery’s experience building log homes gives us the ability to overcome the difficult terrain and limited access that often accompany log homes in mountain or rural areas. And with new technology and methodology, Lowery can limit future maintenance and upkeep, making your log home a gift for generations to come.

If you’re looking for dramatic wood accents without committing to the full log cabin lifestyle, Lowery’s timber frame homes offer an elegant solution. Timber frame houses feature exposed wood posts and beams inside the home, highlighting the natural beauty and strength of the wood. The construction allows for greater flexibility than traditional log homes, with larger windows and more modern details.

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